Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Our core business at Australian UAV is the professional and reliable delivery of high-quality Aerial Mapping and Survey deliverables. And with two surveyors on staff, we can stand behind the accuracy of this work.
Drones provide the ability to capture on-demand maps for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches using manned aircraft, and at a much higher resolution than satellites. Unlike satellite data we operate on an on-demand basis, and our drones fly quite low and so aren’t affected by cloud.
The resolution of our maps is usually 3cm per pixel (3cm GSD), which is enough to see a golf ball or matchbox, and if required we can provide higher resolutions. We can also process the data to deliver full 3D terrain models (e.g. DSM, DTM) and the accuracy of the 3D data is generally around 5cm laterally and 5-8cm vertical.
These outputs are fully geo-referenced and ortho-rectified, meaning measurements and calculations can be taken directly from them. This can be anything from basic distance, area and slope calculations right up to stockpile volume analysis, sight lines or watershed runoff simulations.
In an increasingly digitised world, our drones provide the ability to easily and accurately capture your site to gain all the benefits of computer modelling and analysis for planning or monitoring your projects.
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