Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Unmanned UAV's have the capability to greatly enhance monitoring and inspection regimes in potentially hazardous areas, or with challenging access. Their ability to approach to within close proximity, hover for extended periods, and make repeated observations from varying angles, is unrivalled by any other methods.

The AERIAL VISION AUSTRALIA multi Rotor with a high-resolution camera isn't just cheaper to fly, it also manoeuvres into places that you could otherwise never reach.

Energy suppliers, telecommunication and construction firms from around the world have already recognised the advantages of this affordable alternative.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offer unique advantages in carrying out inspections of Power Line, Towers and other structures or buildings where access is limited by height or terrain. Operations are faster, more Economical and Safer then manual access by riggers, or use of helicopters. The reduced cost will facilitate more flexible, and possibly higher frequency maintenance inspections.